Kirsten Morgan Endometriosis Portrait

Kirsten Morgan

Age: 46

Time to diagnosis: 11 years

You wouldn’t know it from Kirsten’s warmth, infectious humour – and glorious laugh – but she’s been through a gruelling, often shocking experience of endometriosis. She’s one successful and inspiring woman, wife and mum.

Now, after all that she’s coped with, Kirsten benefits from hormonal treatment and mindfulness. She often feels drained, especially after work, but she returns to the comfort of her family; Gregor, 11-year old Lewis, and rescue dog Louie. On their walks, camping and visits to the pub, the endometriosis feels far away.

Endometriosis UK helps people with the condition take back control by providing vital support services,

reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

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Kirsten Morgan