Kathryn Pinner Endometriosis Portrait

Kathryn Pinner

Age: 50

Time to diagnosis: 16 years

Kathryn is a latin and ballroom dancing, snowshoeing ball of energy, and a successful marketer. Quite a feat after the 16 agonising years it took to diagnose her endometriosis – and the multiple treatments, side effects, and operations that followed.

Endometriosis struck Kathryn from a young age. But GPs continually dismissed her stabbing pains, vomiting and migraines – that often blighted her three weeks out of a month – as period pains.

Kathryn is now settled in to her work, and thankfully the process of natural menopause is easing some of her symptoms, allowing her to live life to the full. She is proud to be 50 and fabulous.

Endometriosis UK helps people with the condition take back control by providing vital support services,

reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

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Kathryn Pinner